Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NICK PLEDGE - The Life Within

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amazing artist Nick Pledge has a solo exhibition Friday 5th November 2010 at Brunswick Arts. He uses materials such as resin and acrylic created by methods of sculpture and casting. I believe these works are pieces you would not necessarily see in average peoples homes, but rather pieces you should see in peoples homes, as an installation to admire the intricate messages that this form of artwork provides... the messages that they inspire within the world we live with/in.

Nick Pledge aligns his skill and passion by working with such mediums also in his career as senior prop and model maker in the film industry. His extensive resume indicates his drive and desire to produce thought provoking works that will continue to inspire and intrigue.

" 'The life within' is a collection of ideas that started in my subconscious and slowly surfaced. I began making the pieces without really knowing where they would take me.

On reflection, they are observations of people around me, but taken into a surreal landscape where scale is turned on its head and art, nature, technology and iconic designs merge.

Childhood memories of much loved objects co-exist with others that depict a menacing human inventive genius. "

I believe this artist is emerging into an art scene that demands such truth and influence. Watch this space!

Artsfolio, Australia
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